CES University is located in Medellín, Colombia, and it´s one of the best Universities in the country, known mainly for its quality in health related mayors.

The summer Spanish program is intended for foreign students who come for educational exchange programs by agreement between Universities for short periods of time, or students interested in summer courses.

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Program Intensity:

Intensive 40 hours course, from 9:00 am to 12:00 m (3 hours a day for 3 weeks).

Value of the program:

USD 300, printed material and tuition included.


To facilitate the acquisition of strategic communicative competences in Spanish, promoting the integration with Colombian culture and language, understanding a wide range of situations.

Lesson Plan:

In order to comprehend and attend this course, the student must have an intermediate level of Spanish. Some of the topics that students are going to study are:

  • Ciudades de Colombia, características y clima.
  • Expresiones idiomáticas colombianas.
  • Rutinas, hábitos de los pacientes y trato con ellos.
  • Descripción del cuerpo humano, enfermedades, síntomas y vocabulario propio del país.
  • Aspectos culturales de Colombia: música, cine, historia.